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SANDPIPER Synthesis Diaphragms: One Piece, Maximum Longevity

Sandpiper Synthesis Diaphragms provide long service life and performance.

A premium one-piece diaphragm that creates optimum conditions for high-performance pumping and reliability. Expect longer service life and reduced maintenance costs with this premium diaphragm.

Features and Benefits:

  • Temperature Range 14°F to 176°F (-10°C to 80°C)
  • Torque-Free Installation – Simply hand turned into position
  • No Center Hole for superior leak-free operation & installation
  • No Outer Diaphragm Plate abrasion due to trapped fluids
  • Oversized Integrated Plate supports nearly 50% of the diaphragm through the entire dynamic motion
  • Start-Up Pressure of less than 10 psi on SANDPIPER Synthesis Diaphragm vs. 25 psi or
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Replacement Pumps for Concrete Truck Chute Washout

Concrete truck chute washout is mandatory and good practice. Most concrete trucks have a pump on board to wash out the chute after a pour. This is typically a Wilden 1.5 inch Diaphragm Pump. The EPA requires that the chutes and all of the runoff be collected and properly disposed of. This is detailed in NRMCA 2009. Environmental Management in the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry, 2PEMRM, 1st edition. By Gary M. Mullins. Silver Springs, MD: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

In most cases, when these pumps stop working, they are simply replaced rather than repaired, this can be costly. Especially … Read the rest


Graco SaniForce 2.0 Launch

Graco Inc. recently held a SaniForce 2.0 launch event for distributors. The new SaniForce line features design improvements for diaphragm pumps, Drum Unloaders, and Bin Evacuation Systems. There is are new Air & Electric Driven Large Particle "Poultry" Pumps, an induction plate for Unloaders and more sizes of diaphragm pumps. Watch this brief video for a quick preview and stay tuned for details in upcoming articles and on our catalog. Read More...

SANDPIPER Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps Solve Common Sump Issues

Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps Use Gravity and Line Sized Fluid Paths to Prevent Clogs

HDF1 Heavy Duty Flap Valve PumpSANDPIPER Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps offer many advantages over other pumps typically used for sump applications. Standard AODD pumps use restrictive ball valves, and neither them nor “non-clog” centrifugal pumps can pass line sized solids. Most sump pumps pass the fluids up through the pump chamber, against gravity which requires more force to pass large heavy solids. Another disadvantage of standard AODD pumps is the thin castings, solids gouge out the bends in manifolds and the fluid chambers.

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Graco Inc Pumps for Every Step of the Print Process

Graco has a pump to fit every step of the print process. From ingredient supply to finish ink delivery, from any supply source, Graco has a pump ideally suited to the task. Read More...

Sandpiper Evolution 2″ & 3″ vs Wilden PS800 & PS1500

How do the Sandpiper 2" and 3" Evolution AODD pumps perform when put up against the competition? Evolution pumps are more efficient, pump more, cost less to operate and are easier to maintain. Sandpiper's new Evolution series will save money over every other AODD pump on the market. Read More...

Sandpiper Evolution Standard Duty Pumps with Optimized Performance

Sandpiper has long been a leader in the AODD Market, and now they have announced the EVOLUTION Line of Standard Duty Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps. Using the application of advanced engineering methods, Sandpiper has improved upon the trusted and proven product designs of their Standard Duty pumps. Standard Duty does not mean under performing. Sandpiper's Standard Duty line outperforms the competition while requiring less maintenance time than the competition and being fully interchangeable with previous models. Read More...

Containment Duty Pumps: How They Work

Sandpiper Signature Series Containment Duty Pumps protect against fluid leaks. Especially useful for expensive, hazardous or fluids that carry heavy fines if they are spilled. Learn how they work here... Read More...