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Essential Manufacturing Process: Hand Sanitizer Production

AODD Pumps are fast/simple to install & powered by air (no electric wiring needed)
Simple versatile construction with the ability to pump very viscous/non-viscous materials
Ideal for the mixing of alcohols/gels and transferring products
Ability to run dry without damaging internal wear parts and excellent suction lift
No need to prime or worry if there is an interruption of the product being pumped


SANDPIPER Synthesis Diaphragms: One Piece, Maximum Longevity

Sandpiper Synthesis Diaphragms provide long service life and performance. A premium one-piece diaphragm that creates optimum conditions for high-performance pumping and reliability. Expect longer service life and reduced maintenance costs with this premium diaphragm. Features and Benefits: Temperature Range 14°F […]


Graco SaniForce 2.0 Launch

Graco Inc. recently held a SaniForce 2.0 launch event for distributors. The new SaniForce line features design improvements for diaphragm pumps, Drum Unloaders, and Bin Evacuation Systems. There is are new Air & Electric Driven Large Particle “Poultry” Pumps, an induction plate for Unloaders and more sizes of diaphragm pumps. Watch this brief video for a quick preview and stay tuned for details in upcoming articles and on our catalog.


SANDPIPER Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps Solve Common Sump Issues

Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps Use Gravity and Line Sized Fluid Paths to Prevent Clogs SANDPIPER Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps offer many advantages over other pumps typically used for sump applications. Standard AODD pumps use restrictive ball valves, and […]