Energy Saving Technology (EST) from Sandpiper Pumps.

Posted on by Sara Springer

Energy Saving Technology (EST) is a New Advancement in Pump Technology that Significantly Reduces Energy Consumption.

***Save Energy.  Save Compressor Cost.  Save Operator Cost.***

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You can Save thousands of dollars in annual energy, maintenance, and operating costs with a Newer, “Greener” solution for Your AODD Pumps.  The EST is now availible on Sandpiper 2″ and 3″ Standard Duty Metallic Pumps.


• Reduces air consumption and maintains flow

• Fully automated controls self-adapt to changing process conditions

• On-Board PowerGen system runs completely on compressed air

Ideal for energy intensive applications, including:

• Chemical/Petrochemical Processing

• Ceramic Glaze/Slip Processing

• Paints, Inks and Coatings

• Pulp and Paper Converters

• Adhesives Processing

• Industrial/Municipal Wastewater

• Construction/Utilities

Sand EST Graph

Download the EST (Energy Saving Technology) Release Brochure (pdf)

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