Watson Marlow Sine Pumps; Perfect For Food

Posted on by Sara Springer

When Spirits Can’t Wait; Try Watson Marlow Sine Pumps.

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Halewood International, alcoholic beverage manfacturer, distills them with three SPS4 pumps.

Posting revenues of £250 million, Halewood’s products are in demand.  Producing CRABBIE’S ALCOHOLIC GINGER BEER and Red Square Vodka, among others, requires great quantities of sugar and fruit juices.  Prior to installing Watson Marlow Sine pumps a docked ship could expect the decanting process to range from 3-4 hours.  Decanting is now accomplished in a mere 45 minutes.  Additionally, the Sine pumps elliminated the cavitation noises created by the previously installed centrifugal pumps.  After 12 months of use, 3-4 times per day, no reported reliability issues, the spirits are distilled and merriment abounds!

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