UET Mixers Solve Difficult Mixing Applications with XCEL Series Agitators

Posted on by Sara Springer

If you are in an industry that demands rugged mixing equipment for your fluid handling needs, UET Mixers® has the solution you’re looking for, their XCEL Series Agitators. 

UET Mixers® sets the bar high with thorough research and execution when designing their equipment. Using information from proprietary mixer design software, computational fluid dynamics, and decades of experience, UET knows exactly how its products perform in the field.   

Focusing on challenging mixing applications, UET Mixers designed the XCEL 200N-600N Series Agitators to process almost anything. 

Features of the XCEL Series Agitators: 

  • Custom gearbox option of helical or spiral bevel gear configurations 
  • Large diameter output shafts 
  • HP rating up to 1000 HP 
  • Speed range up to 350 RPM 
  • Motor options of NEMA foot or C-face, TEFC or XP 
  • Pump rate up to 500,000 GPM 
  • Hydrofoil Impeller for the highest efficiency level 
  • Shaft lengths up to 50ft long without a steady bearing 
  • Base plate of flange mount options

If you make it, we can mix it. To learn more about UET’s superior agitators, schedule a system analysis, or request a quote, please contact the team at SPRINGER PUMPS® today. 

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