Tandem Mechanical Seals from Hidrostal

Posted on by Sara Springer

Hidrostal mechanical seals in tandem arrangement offer maximum reliability, smallest mechanical losses and long service lives with low maintenance requirements.

Hidrostal Mechanical Seal Tandem

Sealed oil chamber maintains optimum mechanical seal environment

  1. High Efficiency – reduces power costs. (Connected H.P. can now cost as much as $1,000 per H.P. per year.)
  2. Clog-free Operation. No blockages mean minimum attention and minimum maintenance, except for periodic adjustments.
  3. Gentle Action – prevents damage to delicate solids.
  4. Steep Head-Capacity Curve – minimizes interruptions in capacity, prevents motor overloads, and provides additional pressure to blow out plugs. Flush less Tandem Mechanical Seal.
  5. Low NPSH requirements help to keep thick sludges and large solids moving as available suction head decreases. It also reduces installation costs.
  6. Positive suction flow – enables the pump to handle thick sludges.
  7. Externally adjustable liner. The simple adjustment makes it easy to maintain as new efficiency.
  8. Abrasion-resistant construction – Hi-chrome iron impeller & externally adjustable suction liner provides maximum wear resistance.

Outer Seal – protects the oil chamber from the pumpage with the toughest seal construction available. The rotating seal face is a solid tungsten/carbide running against a solid silicon/carbide stationary face.
➔ Both seal faces are harder than any grit particles encountered so they grind the grit rather than being ground by the grit.
➔ The combination of two different faces ensures that no molecular welding can occur as can happen when two identical seal faces are used.
➔ Springs are completely encased in a rubber boot or in stainless steel bellows to avoid fouling by stringy materials.
➔ The seal is dimensionally interchangeable with standard John Crane Type 21 seal.
➔ For severe services, the seal can be flushed through an optional flushing port.