Drum Unloader Seal Protector from Graco

Posted on by Sara Springer

New FDA Grade Polypropylene Protective Film for Drum Unloaders

Protect the inflatable seals on your Graco Drum Unloaders, make product changeovers easier and reduce product loss even further with the Graco Drum Unloader Seal Protector.

This is a simple to use device that covers the surface of the product, keeping it from contacting the majority of the plate and the seal. See the instructions below.

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Graco Drum Unloader Seal Protector

How to Use Drum Unloader Seal Protector

STEP 1: Place the Drum Unloader Seal Protector over the drum of material as shown on the right. Make sure the center hole in the seal protector is lined up with the pump inlet on the bottom of the plate.

STEP 2: Lower ram plate and seal into the drum and onto the fluid as you would without the protective film. The film should naturally protect the plate and seal from the material and wrap it over the edge to cover the seal.

STEP 3: Inflate seal it contacts the ID of the drum and sealing fluid from coming up around the edge of the plate. Start the ram pressure down and turn on the pump. The protective film will be trapped between plate and material and move down the drum as the pump and ram are pumping out material and moving down.

STEP 4: Stop ram, turn off the pump, and deflate seal to remove the ram from the drum. When raised, the protective film will stay within the drum on the material. Evacuation can be resumed at any time by reinserting the ram into the drum and following steps 2 and 3 above.

Graco Drum Unloader Seal Protectors are not available yet on Springer Pumps Catalog. They come in packs of 25 or 50. Contact us to order yours today.