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Sandpiper Synthesis One-Piece Diaphragm: Longer Service Life & Reduced Maintenance

Posted on by Sara Springer

Sythesis Premium One-Piece Diaphragms OfferSynthesis Thumb Improved Performance

Synthesis diaphragms work with a wide range of Warren Rupp Sandpiper Pumps. They provide improved performance and reduced maintenance time and cost. See the Flyer PDF below for a list of pumps Synthesis One-Piece diaphragms are compatible with.

Systhesis Features:

  • NO center hole for superior leak free operation & installation
  • NO abrasion of outer diaphragm due to trapped fluids & solids
  • Oversized integrated plate supports nearly 50% of the diaphragm through the entire stroke
  • Less than 10 PSI of start-up pressure vs. 25+ PSI for most other diaphragms

Download the Synthesis Diaphragm Flyer (pdf)