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AquFlow’s Flocculant Metering Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Applying a flocculant to industrial applications is an essential step in many businesses that need to be regulated with precise measurements.  Gain better control over dosing within your process when you install a Metering Pump by AquFlow®. 

AquFlow® (formerly HydroFlo) provides USA-made positive displacement pumps that are both accurate and reliable.  These pumps are rugged, designed specifically for your demanding environment.   

AuqFlow’s Metering pumps excel in water treatment, wastewater treatment, oil & gas, mining, paper, pulp, and many additional industrial applications. 

Typical flocculant applications: 

  • Clarifiers for Water Treatment 
  • Thickener for Separation Process 
  • Emulsion Breaking – Including Fat, Oil, and Grease 
  • Filtration Aid 
  • Retention and Drainage Aids 
  • Dewatering 
  • Tailings Management 


AquFlow® Pumps offer both low and high flow options, feature a 0-100% stroke adjustment during operation and, options for automatic controls. Tubular diaphragm pumps are also available for users who need total clog-free operations when processing high viscosity polymers and slurry. 

Additional features of an AquFlow® Metering Pump: 

• Legendary Dependability
• Short Lead Times
• API 675
• Accuracy of ±1
• 0 to 100% stroke adjustment while operating.
• Hydraulically Balanced Diaphragm 
• High-Pressure Capability

 We want your flocculant application process to run smoothly by adding an American-made AquFlow® Pump to your system. Please contact Springer Pumps® for more information or to request a quote today. 

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