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Watson Marlow Qdos CWT Technology Sets a New Standard for Chemical Metering Pumps. Long Life. Increased Safety. Less Maintenance.

Posted on by Sara Springer

Watson Marlow has set the bar high for new standards in the Peristaltic Pump Industry with their latest innovation: Qdos CWT (Conveying Wave Technology). By eliminating the traditional tube design, CWT significantly improves the service life cycle while also delivering superior chemical metering accuracy and dosing applications. In addition, owners of  Qdos CWT Technology no longer need to invest in expensive ancillary equipment.

Features of the Qdos CWT series by Watson Marlow:

  • Sealed pump head for containing chemicals and improving operator safety
  • Leak detection software
  • Failure alarm capabilities
  • Superior chemical dosing accuracy
  • Unaffected by ambient temperature
  • No vapor locking
  • Flow rates up to 500mi/min at up to 7 bar
  • Long service life at high pressure
  • Reliable low maintenance metering

To see a complete overview of Watson Marlow’s Qdos CWT technology, please click here:

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Tag Archive: Chemical Metering Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps from Watson-Marlow Overcome Vapor Locking Problems

Posted on by Sara Springer

Watson-Marlow Pump Used for Sodium HypochloriteSodium Hypochlorite is a highly corrosive and toxic chemical used for water treatment because of it’s disinfecting properties. One of the tendencies of Sodium Hypochlorite is to off gas, or release tiny bubbles. This causes gas locking in the small ball valves found in Diaphragm Metering Pumps, the most common pumps used for dosing this chemical.