CURFLO Dry-Running Seal Technology!

Posted on by Sara Springer

CURFLO Dry-Run Seal

Dry-running a pump happens, and usually this destroys the seals due to thermal shock caused by increased friction. Dry-running removes the cooling/lubricating provided by the fluid being pumped. CURFLO has introduced a new seal for it’s 12x14x22 XL-Series Blender Pump that allows for intermittent dry running situations and no damage!

XL-Series Pumps are ideal for large volumes of heavy slurries that are abrasive or corrosive. The XL-Series handles slurries like: heavy drilling mud, sand slurry, waste slurry, slag, food processing slurries, sewage and more.

XL-Series Features:

  • Pumps High Volumes of Slurry: Up to 7,500 GPM
  • Compact Dimensions: Suited for Stationary or Mobile Applications
  • Made for Continuous Operation with Minimal Maintenance
  • Extra Heavy Shaft: Minimal Axial Deflection
  • More…

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