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GEA’s LoTo (Lock Out/Tag Out) Devices Improve Safety in Workplace

Posted on by Andrew Springer

There is never time for equipment malfunctioning. This can cause damage to products and systems or worse, endanger lives. GEA now offers its clients the Loto device to improve safety of work environments when using their valves.  What is a LoTo device? LoTo stands for Lock Out/Tag Out. In short, this innovative technology prevents the accidental, unintentional activation of a valve through locking it down at an energy source. It also provides users with clear labeling for further […]

SENTINEL Diaphragm Seals, Valves and More from BLACOH FLUID CONTROL

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

If you’re purchasing a dampener for your process, consider BLACOH, and consider their other system accessories to simplify your purchasing. BLACOH manufacturers quality components including:
Gauge Guard Diaphragm Seals, Back Pressure Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Calibration Columns, Check and Ball Valves, Surge Vessels to Prevent Water Hammer and More…

New 2013 Products from Banjo for Liquid Handling Needs

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Banjo Corp. manufactures liquid handling products for a wide range of applications. Made from glass reinforced polypropylene and stainless steel, these products are made to perform. Valves, dry disconnects, manifold systems and pumps are a few of the products available from Banjo.

SuperKlean Steam/Cold Water Mixers, Spray Nozzles and More!

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Hot & cold water mixing stations, steam & cold water mixing stations, nozzles and hoses are just a few products offered by SuperKlean. The 8000GM series steam & cold water mixing stations have two outlets and can work with as little as 30psi of water pressure. Download the brochure to see all of SuperKlean’s products.