New 2013 Products from Banjo for Liquid Handling Needs

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

New Banjo Liquid Handling Products for 20132013 New Products Thin

BBanjo products are made from glass reinforced polypropylene and/or stainless steel. A wide and continually expanding product line covers a variety of liquid handling applications.. Valves, dry disconnects, manifold systems and pumps are just a few of the product types available from Banjo.

Featured New Products for 2013:

  • 2″ full port, 5-way valve
  • 2″ full port, stainless steel stubby valve
  • 2″ full port, stainless steel manifold stubby valves
  • 2″ full port & 3″ manifold inductor systems
  • 2″ full port, 316 SS Dry-Mate® dry disconnects
  • 2″ Manifold polypropylene pumps

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