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FREE Positive Displacement Sealless Pump WEBINAR 11.4.21 by PUMPS & SYSTEMS

Posted on by Andrew Springer

Traditional Pumps periodically require maintenance with worn seals or packing. This unfortunately can often be time-consuming and costly to any facility using these pieces of equipment. Some manufacturers are transitioning to Positive Displacement Sealless Pumps as an alternative solution.  If you are interested in switching up your equipment but aren’t informed enough to decide? Then take advantage of the latest educational offering through Pump […]

Precise Pigment Dosing at Paper Mill

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

This abrasive pigment that controls the shade of the paper stock is added at the preparation stage. “We dose very low, precise volumes as the shade is critical” explains Engineering Manager Tony Halhead. “However, the abrasive nature of the pigment was causing the stators and rotors in our Progressive Cavity (PC) pump to wear, leading to a drop in performance.”

SANDPIPER Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps Solve Common Sump Issues

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps Use Gravity and Line Sized Fluid Paths to Prevent Clogs SANDPIPER Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps offer many advantages over other pumps typically used for sump applications. Standard AODD pumps use restrictive ball valves, and neither them nor “non-clog” centrifugal pumps can pass line sized solids. Most sump pumps pass […]

The Plug & Play Pump and VFD Control from Liquiflo

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

This package is designed to simplify selection of motors and drives to provide an out of the box solution that can plug into a wall outlet and allows the end user to control the flow rate of the pump by adjusting the motor speed. The standard drive is designed to be user friendly, without the myriad of confusing parameters required by most VFDs.

Qdos 120 Pumps Expand Product Line’s Flow Range

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Qdos pumps are purpose built chemical metering pumps. Highly accurate, easy to program and maintain they are drop in replacements for almost any current metering pump installation. Contact us today to find out how a Qdos metering pump from Watson Marlow can save you time, material and money.