Taking a Look at MagnaSafe’s Mag-Drive MST Top Entry Glass Lined Agitator

Posted on by Sara Springer

MagnaSafe offers an ideal sealless solution. This leak proof Mag-Drive design eliminates the need for mechanical seal and comes with a Glass Lined shaft and impeller. The MST is compatible for mounting on any Glass Lined Reactor.

Benefits and Features:Magna-Safe Glass Lined MST Glass Lined

  • Leakproof Design
  • Adaptable To Existing Glass Lined Vessels
  • CIP/SIP with the Vessel
  • Eliminates Need for Mechanical Seal
  • Product Contamination Prevention
  • Promotes Operator Safety
  • Available in Radial, Axial, Hydrofoil, Rushton, Counterflow and Anchor Impellers
  • Available Wetted Parts in Glass Lined and in Hastelloy
  • No-Maintenance Gearbox, Non-Lubricated Ball Bearings, and More