Bredel CIP 40 & CIP 50 Clean-In-Place Peristaltic Pump with Retractable Shoes From Watson-Marlow Bredel

Posted on by Sara Springer

The CIP 40 and CIP 50 are the First Hose Pumps to Feature Air, Electric or Manual Retractable Shoes Which Allow True Clean-In-Place Operation for Sanitary Processes

The Shoes in a Hose Pump are what compress the hose and move the fluid through it.  When the Shoes are compressing the hose it is impossible to CIP the Hose Element.  But with the CIP 40 and CIP 50 CIP Hose Pumps the Shoes can be retracted automatically, allowing the steam or cleaning fluid to travel through the entire hose.

Other hose pumps require that the shoes be retracted by a tedious process which usually requires removing the front cover.  This is time consuming, messy and adds a complicated step which keeps hose pumps out of processes that require CIP/High Sanitation.

Watson-Marlow Bredel has solved this problem, not only can these two models be Cleaned-In-Place, but the CIP process can be completely automated.  Thus decreasing downtime, and decreasing the risk of damage to the pump occurring while being taken apart and put back together.


WMB SP50 CIP Fullreduced

Features & Benefits of the CIP Option:

  • 3A and FDA certified.
  • For sanitary processes or regular cleaning of process lines.
  • Rotor shoes retract automatically to allow full velocity hose cleaning.
  • Retraction can be manual, electrical or pneumatic.
  • Food approved NBR pump hose, with food grade lubricant.
  • Stainless steel sanitary connectors range includes DIN, ASA or JIS
  • SP40 CIP flow rates up to 42 gpm, pressures up to 230 psi
  • SP50 CIP flow rates up to 77 gpm, pressures up to 230 psi
  • Sterilization temperature 250F (120C) maximum

Of course these pumps have the same features that make the standard Bredel pump line from Watson-Marlow Bredel great.

Features & Benefits of All Bredel Hose Pumps:

  • Can run dry continuously.
  • Most suitable for handling shear sensitive products.
  • Accurate (+1%) dosing (metering) capabilities.
  • Smooth liquid passage without valves, dead corners, or glands.
  • The material to be pumped does not contact mechanical parts of seals.
  • Easy maintenance, low cost, short down time.
  • Only one wearing part: the hose.
  • Easily and completely cleanable.
  • Easily adjustable and reversible rotation.
  • Suitable for high viscosity and densities.
  • Safe for use in explosive environments.
  • No internal back flow (slip)
  • Designed to pump liquids containing particles (abrasives are not a restriction)
  • Self priming to 95% vacuum


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