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BLACOH SENTINEL One Source System Solutions

Posted on by Sara Springer

BLACOH Offers a Wide Range of Products for Enhancing Your Process

Though known mainly for their pulsation dampeners / surge suppressors BLACOH now offers diaphragm seals, valves, calibration columns and injection quills under their brand SENTINEL.

SENTINEL Calibration Columns: Verification of the Flow Rate of Feed PumpsBlacoh Sentinel Family

  • CNC Machined Tops
  • Clear Tube for Easy GPH Reading
  • Multiple Top Options
  • NSF-61 Approved Materials


Tag Archive: Sentinel

BLACOH Gauge Guards

Posted on by Sara Springer

Features & Benefits:Sentinel Gauge Guards

  • Protects Gauges and System Instrumentation from Process Fluid Contamination or Corrosion
  • Prevents Erratic Pressure Surges and Clogging Due to Solids in Process Fluids
  • Protects Gauges from Freezing and Slurries
  • (more…)