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Got Dairy? Improve Your Process with INOXPA

Posted on by Sara Springer

Milk, cheese, yogurt…the joy of dairy products at a meal is undeniable.  However, the intricate process of getting these items from cow to table is challenging, until INOXPA® found a complete solution. 

From beginning to end, INOXPA® can take milk and create a complete system to meet your dairy processing needs. So, what can they offer you?  

  • Mixing equipment including solids/liquids blender.  
  • Measure exact weights for recipes during your process 
  • Solid feeder systems featuring big bag mixing stations that massage products and can include a bag cutting system for reduced waste while streamlining manufacturing. 
  • Heat treatment via pasteurizer and heater or temperature controller 
  • Cooling systems 
  • Valve manifolds for both raw and finished product transportation 
  • Pumps and Valves 
  • Fully Automated mini plants & systems 
  • Milk vats 
  • Fermentation tanks 
  • Powder blenders 

If you need a reliable product from a leader in dairy manufacturing you have found it in INOXPA.  Reach out to Springer Pumps® today to receive an INOXPA® quote today. 

Think Pumps. Think Springer. 

Tag Archive: Powder Blender

Ampco Pump’s New AC+ Dry Blenders Offer Economical Powder Blending Options

Posted on by Sara Springer

Quickly and Easily Blend Powders with Liquids

The new AC+ Dry Blenders from Ampco Pumps uses the “tube within a tube” design to introduce powders into liquids. The powder is blended using an Ampco AC+ centrifugal pump. Rentals are available for trial and 6 week lead times ensure quick implementation.Ampco Ac Blender

AC+ Dry Blender Features:

  • All parts 316 Stainless Steel
  • Powder addition rates to 350 lb per minute
  • Liquid addition rates to 130 GPM
  • 60°, 304 SS Powder Hoppers


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