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Warren Rupp Releases Special Duty, Driller’s Mud Flap Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Warren Rupp Announces 2 New Sandpiper Special Duty Diaphragm Pumps for the Oil & Gas Industries.

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The DMF2 and DMF3 (Driller’s Mud Flap 2″ & 3″ Pumps) are Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps that tailor to the versatility, durability andWR-DMF-rollcage_thumb reliability required in remote, land-based drilling applications.  These two models offer heavy duty construction with a Non-Stalling Performance Guarantee, and a Diaphragm Connecting Rod Guarantee.  They can also come with a roll-cage and/or a skid base to protect the pump and make it easier to handle.  The 2″ model, DMF2, has a maximum flow rate of 140 gpm, and can handle solids up to 2″.  The 3″ model, DMF3, has a maximum flow rate of 260 gpm, and can handle solids up to 3″.  And to top it all off, they come with a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY!!!  Look below to download the Product Release PDF, and the Engineering Performance and Construction Data PDF’s for both Models.