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Brew Hose Promotion from Ace Sanitary

Posted on by Sara Springer


ACE SANITARY is extending its Brew Hose Promotion due to the cancellation of the Craft Brewers Conference.

Ace Sanitary Rws L Hose Hero Shot The Brew Hose Promotion is extended! Due to the cancellation of the Craft Brewers Conference, we are extending our Brew Hose Promotion another month, which includes the RWS-L and the RBT products with new promotional pricing.

Ace Sanitary provides you with an assortment of beverage hoses to meet your every need. The features of the RBT and RWS-L, when assembled with our patented SealRite Coupling System, include:

  • Meets strict 3-A Standards for cleanliness
  • Increase operator safety & reduce contamination
  • Proven performance in the most demanding environments

This promotion runs until the end of June. Hurry and order your hoses today.

CONTACT Springer Pumps today and mention this promotion!

Hoses are factory assembled using ACE’s patented SealRite crimp fittings, and 3A accredited procedures, to provide the safest, cleanest hose assemblies available!

RWS l Productdetails

Wine & Spirits – Lite
RWS-L is a lightweight, extremely flexible hose with a low-friction cover; easy to drag and carry


Brewery Price: 1 1/2” X 10ft w/ Sanitary Clamp E/E Gray S&D Light Duty Hose Chlorobutyl, Smooth Bore Liner
$343.19     *Additional Length $14.09 per foot

RBT Productdetails

Beverage Transfer
High pressure, extremely durable with EPDM tube; better for sanitization with PAA*


Brewery Price: 1 1/2” X 10ft w/ Sanitary Clamp E/E Purple Beverage Transfer Hose 3-A EPDM Liner
$396.97     *Additional Length $16.98 per foot

In addition to hoses made for brewing applications, Springer supplies pumps, valves, and replacement parts for brewing specific applications. We have worked with the Tri-State Areas largest brewers and too many craft brewers to count. Contact us today to find out how we can help you improve your brewing processes!



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Ampco Applied Products Introduces ROLEC DH Dry Hop Induction System

Posted on by Sara Springer

ROLEC DH Offers Streamlined Dry Hopping for Craft BrewersROLEC DH Full

The ROLEC DH units utilize the Ampco SBI pump to recirculate a fermenter and simultaneously induce hop pellets dry into the stream of beer. The pellets are held in a pressurized chamber, which is purged of air using carbon dioxide (CO2).  Pellets can be induced into fermenting, finished, or crashed beer. The shear pump creates a differential pressure for induction of the pellets from the hop vessel. The pellets are chopped to just the right size so they can settle during the dry hop holding period.

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Ampco CB+ Craft Brewing Pumps with Internal Seal

Posted on by Sara Springer

Sanitary Internal Seal Design to Keep Seal Faces CoolerCB+ Pump

Ampco’s new CB+ features a sanitary internal seal design that will keep seal faces cooler and minimize product buildup. New CB+ pumps are hydraulically and dimensionally interchangeable with existing C Series pumps. There is no need to change piping or purchase a pump that costs twice as much.