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Flux Pumps: Built for Sustainable Agriculture

Posted on by Sara Springer

Farmers need equipment engineered for their economic and ecological benefits. Flux® Pumps understands the needs of the modern agricultural industry and is proud to offer solutions that improve the day-to-day operations on farms across the globe.

Flux® provides its users with pumps that are both efficient and reliable. Farmers now can own a product with the lowest cost of ownership; its products assist in profitability from a worthy investment.

With a thorough knowledge of the agricultural industry, Flux® Pumps are ideal solutions for filling, transferring/metering fuels, dispensing fertilizer or pesticides, and pumping America’s favorite dairy product- milk!

FLUX® can supply your agricultural process with:

  • Drum pumps
  • Worm Drive Pumps
  • Flow Meters
  • Relief Valves
  • Switching Amplifiers
  • Bypass/Pressure Relief Valves
  • Commutator motors
  • Chemical Hoses and hand nozzles

Flux® wants to be the Pump that your agricultural process relies on to work from sunrise to sunset. Please reach out to the team at Springer Pumps® for more information or request a FLUX® Pump quote today.

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