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Graco Pumping Solutions: High Performance Industrial Circulation and Feed Pumps.

Posted on by Sara Springer

Graco Pumps, Leading the Industry: New Technology, New Pumps and New Ways to Improve Your Processes.

When purchasing a Graco pump, look forward to years of reliable service from the industry leader. From the proven design of their diaphragm and bellows pumps, to a new line of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic pumps, Graco is setting the standard in pumping technology.

The new NXT air motors offer increased power, reduced icing, low noise and the introduction of DataTrak.  DataTrak is the first integrated pump monitoring system on the market.DataTrack Magnified

Data Trak Features:

  • Easy to set runaway protection, where you set the cycle rate limit.

  • Pump diagnostics help advise when to maintain the pump.

  • Utilize the resettable batch counter to track material usage or maintenance schedule.

NXT Air Motor Features:

  • 1- Modular Valve: Detented air valve, External Access,NXT AirMotor Thumb Labeled Can Be Replaced While Online, Adjustable De-Ice Control.

  • 2- Optional DataTrak™.

  • 3- Body Armor: Durable polymer that won’t rust or dent.

  • 4- Air Motor: Available in De-Ice, Low Noise and Remote Exhaust Models.

  • 5- Pilot Valve: Proven, reliable design. Externally mounted for easy repair.

  • 6- Integrated Air Controls.

Graco Also Manufactures:

Dura-Flo™ and Xtreme® Two Ball Piston Pumps

  • Ideal for supply applications, Graco’s new Xtreme and Dura-Flo pumps provide uniform and easy to control delivery.

High-Flo® Four-Ball Piston Pumps

  • Mid-range High-Flo and High-Flo Plus pumps provide increased performance and a lower cost of ownership.

Viscount Hydraulically Driven Pumps

  • The field-proven energy-efficient Viscount pumps provide reliable, quiet, ice-free performance and are up to three times more energy-efficient than comparable compressed air systems.

E-Flo Plus Electric™ Piston Pumps

  • Get the benefits of a piston pump with the energy efficiency of an electric drive unit!

Graco Is at the Cutting Edge of Pump Technology.  They are constantly testing, improving, and adding to their product line.  Find out more about Graco from us today.PumpingSolutions Thumb