Grow Your Skill Set with a PSAP Course September 2021

Posted on by Sara Springer


We could all use an opportunity to sharpen the tools in our mental toolbox.  Like many fields of business, the Pump industry holds many niche jobs, ones that require specific training.

Are you thinking about gaining additional skills to boost your status professionally?  What about taking a PSAP course?  A Pump System Assessment Professional’s role focuses on monitoring and analyzing current systems.  A PSAP also works on finding solutions and creating new, more efficient production methods within our industry.

The Hydraulic Institute is currently accepting applications for their virtual PSAP course September 14-16, 2021.  As always, the course is offered cheaper to members for the three-day event. Non-members can participate but are subject to a slightly higher price.  The final certification exam is an additional charge.

Skills you will learn through this course include

  • Understanding pump system assessment for optimization concerning energy consumption
  • Learn how pumps and systems work together and effective behavior
  • Effectively use pump and system curves to guide pump selection and control,
  • System control and how to vary the operating point
  • Identify operating malfunctions in pump systems and solutions
  • Lean pump system functionality, including system components and instrumentation
  • Discuss U.S. DOE regulations and green/energy efficient practices within the Pump industry
  • Explore a 13 step process for pump selection, specification, and acceptance
  • Maintenance practices, both preventive and predictive
  • Learn piping and instrumentation diagrams, isometrics, process flow diagrams, and engineering drawings
  •  PSAP Certification Exam preparation

Click here to be directed to the Hydraulic Institute’s application page. It’s a great time to invest back into yourself with further education.  If you take advantage of this course, Springer Pumps wants to hear about your experience!