Graco SaniForce: Pump Cosmetics, Low to High Viscosity Materials

Posted on by Sara Springer

SaniForce 1040Three SaniForce Pump models for Cosmetic Applications

For low viscosity materials the  SaniForce standard line features Graco Pump’s durable, lube-fre, non-sticking air valve.  The SaniForce 1590 HS & 3150 HS are available with a high sanitation surface finish at 32 Ra and pump medium to high viscosity materials.  Additionally, the SaniForce Drum Unloaders  feature the 6:1 and 5:1 SaniForce piston pump and offer a 99% drum evacuation rate.

Typical Applications for the Graco SaniForce Line:

  • Pump Mascara
  • Pump Lipstick
  • Pump Eye Shadow
  • Pump Eye Liner
  • Pump Foundation
  • Pump Blush
  • Pump Moisturizer
  • Pump Facial Masks & Scrubs

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