Genesys 2x3x6 Non-Metallic, End Suction, Centrifugal Pump Line

Posted on by Sara Springer

Advance Pump Company is Proud to Announce the Arrival of the Interchangeable 2X3X6 Model.

The Genesys 2X3X6 model conforms to the ANSI specification B73.1 envelope dimensions. The GENESYS® non-metallic, end-suction centrifugal pump line is designed and engineered for highly efficient pumping solutions.

Genesys Non Metallic Pump MThe GENESYS® composite construction with no wetted metal parts gives it compatibility with most aggressive chemistries. The unique closed-impeller and time-tested volute design render performances up to 500 GPM and 180’ of shut off head. And if that isn’t enough, it can produce peak performances at 81% efficiency! You won’t find that anywhere else in the pump industry today!

Genesys Non Metallic Pump Cut Away MS

Features and Benefits:

• Straight forward through-bolt construction for simplified field maintenance

• True closed-coupled / back pull-out design for ease of use

• No impeller or seal adjustment necessary. The simple assembly maintains proper heights

GENESYS(R) Can Be Delivered with Short Lead Time for the Following Configuration:

• Wet-End Kits

• Pedestal Mounted

• Close or Long Coupled Pump Motor Units

This combination of options gives you the best value for your unique channel.

Download Genesys Non Metallic, End Suction, Centrifugal Pump Data Sheet (pdf)