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Bredel Heavy Duty Hose Pumps: Sealless & Valveless with Intrinsic Spill Containment

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Watson-Marlow Bredel Heavy Duty hose pumps operate with pressures to 232 psi and flow rates to 350 gpm. Simple to own and operate, Bredel HD Hose Pumps handle abrasive slurries, corrosive acids and gaseous liquids as easily as water with no vapor locking and they can run dry indefinitely without damage. Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps save time and money by successfully handling the toughest applications, in a broad range of industries with less maintenance and downtime then the competition.

FLUX FOOD Series Pumps Bear The “Glass Fork” Symbol

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

EU Certified for Contact with Food Products FLUX Pumps have always been food safe, but they now meet the regulation (EU) 10/2011 for plastics that come into contact with food. Compliance with both FDA and European Union regulations means FLUX FOOD Pumps are good for companies with global operations and that these pumps are guaranteed to be […]

New EP Eccentric Hose Pumps From Graco

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Graco EP Series Pumps utilize a single oversized roller to compress the hose. This causes less wear on the hose and provides more flow per revolution when compared to conventional hose pump designs. With no valves, seals or glands these pumps are ideal for abbrasive or caustic applications.