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QPOD Plug and Play Chemical Feed Skid Enclosure with Qdos Pump!

Instead of buying a Qdos pump and then the PRV, gauge, connecting piping, calibration column and potentially and custom enclosures separately, buy them together! Simplify your chemical dosing. The box comes with tote mounting hooks for quick and easy installation on a variety of different liquid tote types. A complete system is comprised of only three part numbers; the pump, the box and the ancillary assembly.


Precise Pigment Dosing at Paper Mill

This abrasive pigment that controls the shade of the paper stock is added at the preparation stage. “We dose very low, precise volumes as the shade is critical” explains Engineering Manager Tony Halhead. “However, the abrasive nature of the pigment was causing the stators and rotors in our Progressive Cavity (PC) pump to wear, leading to a drop in performance.”


Peristaltic Pumps from Watson-Marlow Overcome Vapor Locking Problems

Watson-Marlow 500, 600 and 700 Series Cased Drive and Qdos Peristaltic Pumps are impervious to vapor locking, which means less maintenance time when pumping Sodium Hypochlorite. Learn more and find out why more water treatment operations are switching over to Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pumps by visiting our site.


Hose Pumps Improve Quality at Brewery

Conventional piston pumps were threatening quality at an Anheuser-Busch InBev brewery. The site, which produces brands including Stella Artois and Boddingtons, is one of the most productive in Europe. A solution was needed.


Qdos 120 Pumps Expand Product Line’s Flow Range

Qdos pumps are purpose built chemical metering pumps. Highly accurate, easy to program and maintain they are drop in replacements for almost any current metering pump installation. Contact us today to find out how a Qdos metering pump from Watson Marlow can save you time, material and money.


Take a Smooth Quiet Drive with a GRACO E-Flo

GRACO’s E-Flo & E-Flo DC supply pumps combine the advantages of a pneumatic motor with the quiet efficiency of electric drive unit.  Benefits include: Improved Work Environment with a Quiet Electric Motor Minimized Pulsation and Smoother Changeover Boasts Greater Efficiency than […]


Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Dispensing Pumps

Dispensing Perfection   A Watson-Marlow dispensing pumps are designed to give the perfect dose every time without splashing, drips, or other inaccuracies.  In a wide range of automated and manual dispensing applications, our customers rely on the accuracy, repeatability, efficiency, and contamination-free […]


New Watson Marlow Qdos30 PROFIBUS Pumps Offer Full Control & Diagnostics with One Cord

Qdos30 PROFIBUS adds proven fieldbus communication technology to the diverse Qdos30 range, offering real time communications with diagnostic feedback. With no point-to-point wiring, the Qdos30 PROFIBUS pump requires only one cable for full pump control and detailed pump diagnostic information. With a direct connection into PROFIBUS networks, the Qdos30 PROFIBUS pump eliminates the need for costly equipment such as gateways and I/O converters.