New Watson Marlow Qdos30 PROFIBUS Pumps Offer Full Control & Diagnostics with One Cord

Posted on by Sara Springer

Qdos30 PROFIBUS ThumbQdos30 PROFIBUS adds proven fieldbus communication technology to the diverse Qdos30 range, offering real time communications with diagnostic feedback. With no point-to-point wiring, the Qdos30 PROFIBUS pump requires only one cable for full pump control and detailed pump diagnostic information. With a direct connection into PROFIBUS networks, the Qdos30 PROFIBUS pump eliminates the need for costly equipment such as gateways and I/O converters. PROFIBUS offers full control of direction, speed, start/stop and full status information including run hours. In the unlikely event of a failure the pump will automatically stop and inform the master that there is a problem & what it is.

Qdos30 PROFIBUS Features & Benefits:

  • Flows from .1 to 500 ml/min at 7 bar (100 psi)
  • Manual & PROFIBUS control
  • Diagnostic feedback
  • Bus Speed: 9.6 to 1500 kb/s
  • Compatible with all PROFIBUS networks

Download the Qdos30 PROFIBUS Data Sheet (pdf)

Download the Qdos30 Pump Line Brochure (pdf)