New Watson Marlow Qdos30 PROFIBUS Pumps Offer Full Control & Diagnostics with One Cord

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Qdos30 PROFIBUS ThumbQdos30 PROFIBUS adds proven fieldbus communication technology to the diverse Qdos30 range, offering real time communications with diagnostic feedback. With no point-to-point wiring, the Qdos30 PROFIBUS pump requires only one cable for full pump control and detailed pump diagnostic information. With a direct connection into PROFIBUS networks, the Qdos30 PROFIBUS pump eliminates the need for costly equipment such as gateways and I/O converters. PROFIBUS offers full control of direction, speed, start/stop and full status information including run hours. In the unlikely event of a failure the pump will automatically stop and inform the master that there is a problem & what it is.

Qdos30 PROFIBUS Features & Benefits:

  • Flows from .1 to 500 ml/min at 7 bar (100 psi)
  • Manual & PROFIBUS control
  • Diagnostic feedback
  • Bus Speed: 9.6 to 1500 kb/s
  • Compatible with all PROFIBUS networks

Download the Qdos30 PROFIBUS Data Sheet (pdf)

Download the Qdos30 Pump Line Brochure (pdf)