Bredel Clean-In-Place (CIP) Capable Hose Pumps SP40 & SP50

Posted on by Sara Springer

The First Hose Pumps to Feature Air, Electric or Manual Retractable Shoes for Clean-In-Place Operation

WMB SP50 CIP FullreducedOther hose pumps require that the shoes be retracted by a tedious process which usually requires removing the front cover. Bredel has solved this problem with Pneumatic, Electric or Manually retractable shoes allowing the CIP process to be completely automated. This decreases downtime, and decreases the risk of damage to the pump from constant disassembly/re-assembly.

Bredel CIP Pump Benefits:

  • 3A & FDA certified
  • Rotor shoes retract automatically to allow full velocity hose cleaning
  • Food approved NBR pump hose, with food grade lubricant
  • Stainless steel sanitary connector range includes DIN, ASA or JIS

Download the Bredel SP/40 CIP Data Sheet PDF

Download the Bredel SP/50 CIP Data Sheet PDF

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