Watson-Marlow Bredel NR Endurance Hoses

Posted on by Sara Springer

What can deliver Longer Hose Life + Flow Stability + Improved Abrasive Liquid Handling?

Answer: Watson-Marlow Bredel NR Endurance Hoses: Cost-Effective & Well Performing Hose SolutionsWatson-Marlow Bredel NR Endurance Hose

Watson-Marlow now offers improved NR (Natural Rubber) Hoses. The NR Endurance Hoses have Host of Features & Benefits:

  • Improved Rubber Compound That Lasts Longer While Maintaining Chemical Compatibility
  • Up to Four Times Longer Lasting than Standard NR Hoses
  • WM Endurance NR Hoses Delivers Longer Life than Standard NR Hoses in Low to Medium Applications
  • Design Resists Wear from the Inside
  • Consistent Flow over the Life of the Hose
  • Available Now for Bredel 10 to 50 mm Pumps
  • And More

Consider Watson-Marlow Bredel NR Endurance Hoses to deliver a better hose at a competitive price!

Watson-Marlow Bredel NR Endurance Hose Resist Wear

The Clear Cut in Rubber Design With No Internal Wear Loss Means Consistent Flow Over the Life of the Hose