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Process Battery Fluid without leakage with Corroline+ Hose by Watson Marlow

Posted on by Sara Springer

If you’re in the battery business and looking to improve your process line hoses, the Corroline+ Hose® by Watson Marlow® is the replacement you need for leak-proof, rupture-proof fluid handling.

The Corroline+ Hose® is highly flexible and made from smooth PTFE, making it chemically compatible with lithium-ion battery manufacturing. It can handle a wide range of temperatures (-40F – 302F), is covered in an external stainless steel braided layer, and can operate with a maximum pressure of 1000 psi. If those features interest you for your system, here’s more to think about:

  • Very flexible and reinforced to withstand the most severe conditions of physical abuse
  • Fully kink and crush resistant
  • Anti-static and fireproof rubber cover
  • Smooth bore for fast flow and easy clean
  • Natural or anti-static PTFE liner
  • PTFE-lined and non-lined end fittings
  • Range of external protection options

In addition to battery production, the Corroline+ Hose® is compatible across many industries for efficient, leak-free, kink-free use. For more information on this hose line or other Watson Marlow products, please get in touch with SPRINGER PUMPS®.

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