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Rotan Gear Pumps for Asphalt, Bitumen & Oil Industries with Heat Jacket

Posted on by Sara Springer

Rotan Gear Pumps: Two Application Success Stories

Haskell Lemon Construction and Sound Refining utilized Rotan gear pumps as a tough and reliable application solution. When a 9/16″ deep well socket made it’s way into one of the Rotan pumps, Sound Refining experienced  minimal downtime. The pump had minimal damage because Rotan gear pumps are engineered for heavy duty applications. Click the links below for full stories.

Rotan Gear Pump Advantages:Desmi Rotan Gear Pump

  • Designed for Polymerized Asphalt, Oils, Fuels and More…
  • Available Rains-Flo Sealing Options
  • Available Garlock Klozure Seals
  • Electric Heat Option (No Steam/Hot Oil Needed)
  • Asphalt Metering