Replacement Pumps for Concrete Truck Chute Washout

Posted on by Sara Springer

NOMAD Concrete Truck PumpConcrete truck chute washout is mandatory and good practice. Most concrete trucks have a pump on board to wash out the chute after a pour. This is typically a Wilden 1.5 inch Diaphragm Pump. The EPA requires that the chutes and all of the runoff be collected and properly disposed of. This is detailed in NRMCA 2009. Environmental Management in the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry, 2PEMRM, 1st edition. By Gary M. Mullins. Silver Springs, MD: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

In most cases, when these pumps stop working, they are simply replaced rather than repaired, this can be costly. Especially on Lehigh, Heidelberg, La Farge, and Cemex Trucks which use Wilden® brand pumps.

Springer Pumps sells drop-in replacements that perform the same but cost less than the OEM models. They have the same footprint and port connections to the Wilden® Pumps but offer improved air valve performance.