New Stainless Steel Power Frames for New & Existing SPS Series Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

New Stainless Steel Power Frames for MasoSine SPS PumpsWMPG MasoSine Stainless Steel Power

The Stainless Steel Power Frame adds 3A certification for CIP to the SPS pump line.  Passing savings along to the end user, Watson Marlow is offering this feature for the same price as the original cast iron power frame. SPS pumps in existing applications can be easily retrofitted with the new power frame.  To learn more about the SPS line of pumps from MasoSine visit Springer Pumps Online Catalog.

Stainless Steel Power Frame Features & Benefits:

  • 3A CIP Certification
  • Easy to Clean
  • Available as a Spare Part for Existing SPS Pumps
  • Same Price as Standard Frame

Click Here to View MasoSine SPS Series Pumps on Springer Pumps Online Catalog and See Video, Brochure, and More

MasoSine Pumping 10 Million cP Silicone from Springer Pumps, LLC on Vimeo.