New High Efficiency, Hygienic Drum QDU Drum Unloader

Posted on by Sara Springer

Q-Pumps QDU Electric Drum Unloader

Drum Unloaders have conventionally been powered by air-operated pumps. Air-Operated Diaphragm and Air-Operated Piston pumps are the most commonly used types. They are reliable, provide gentle fluid handling and are easy to maintain. Air-Operated Piston Pumps have the added ability to handle extremely high viscosities.

However, they have some drawbacks. Compressed air is an inefficient way to transmit power. Both must be taken apart to be completely sanitized and cleaned, and neither can be Cleaned-In-Place. So, although they are great pumps for many drum unloading applications, they are not always fit all of the needs of an application.

Enter the Q-Pumps QDU: Drum unloader with an Integrated QTS Twin-Screw Pump


  • Electric Drive: More efficient and more reliable than air
  • Smooth Operation: Almost zero pulsation
  • Clean-In-Place Ready: Use an empty barrel and CIP fluid or connect to your existing CIP loop
  • High Viscosity: Up to 1,000,000 cPs
  • Gentle Solids Handling: Handles large solids with minimal damage
New High Efficiency, Hygienic Drum QDU Drum Unloader