Metal Detectable Replacement Pump Parts!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Reduce the Possibility of Downtime, Product Contamination and Product Recalls

Metal Detectable Parts

A common problem with moving pump parts is excessive wear and tear. When rubber breaks off from a valve stem, rotor or gasket, it will migrate through your system and end up hidden in your final product. Locating lost rubber parts can be an expensive, time consuming and inconclusive process. Not locating lost rubber can be even costlier. Springer has a simple solution. By manufacturing standard pump parts with DSO-DE—Detectable Elastomers—lost rubber material can now be located quickly and efficiently with an inline metal detector allowing contaminated product to be instantly rejected. DSO-DE parts help avoid costly downtime, product waste and recall, insuring product integrity. Like all Springer replacement parts, DSO-DE valve stems, rotors,
gaskets and o-rings are designed to match all OEM specs with the added bonus of a metal detectable elastomer.

Available in the Following Parts:

  • VALVE STEMS – High quality 316L SS steel core with detectable rubber bonded to the metal.
  • RUBBER ROTORS – New or refurbished cast steel cores and steel or aluminum bodies with DSO-DE rubber bonded to the metal.
  • GASKETS AND O-RINGS – DSO-DE Tri-Clamp® gaskets and o-rings for all applications.