Hidrostand from Hidrostal allows Installation in Tight Spaces

Posted on by Sara Springer

Hidrostal HidrostandHidrostal’s Hidrostand™ allows the installation of a Hidrostal Centrifugal Screw Pump in a comparable location as an conventional wastewater pump and also improves suction performance and lowers overall height.

The Hidrostal Hidrostand is made of durable cast iron and includes an inspection port. The design provides smoother and more uniform flow into the impeller while minimizing the required height of vertical installations. It’s low profile allows a screw centrifugal impeller pump, with its characteristic long suction housing, to be installed in the same space as a conventional wastewater pump.

In order to eliminate the hydraulic and associated mechanical problems that can occur when an elbow is directly connected to the pump suction, and to also minimize the height of a vertical pump installation, Hidrostal has developed a solution that provides a smooth flow transition into the pump suction while minimizing the required installation height. This solution is the Hidrostal Hidrostand that minimizes turbulence and provides optimal suction conditions at the pump inlet.


  • Allows the Hidrostal pumps, with their long impeller, to be retrofitted to existing stations
  • Integral port for inspection and cleanoutHidrostal Hidrostand Drawing
  • Mounting bolt circle allows 360 degree discharge orientation
  • Fewer fasteners and components compared to an elbow and its mounting hardware
  • Made of heavy-walled gray iron designed to support the pump and motor assembly
  • Provides nearly ideal suction conditions to the pump

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