GEA Tuchenhagen VARICOVER® for 99% Product Recovery and More…

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Springer Pumps Now Offers GEA Tuchenhagen ProductsVaricover Full

Tuchenhagen VARICOVER® Product Recovery Systems are advanced pigging systems for the industrial and sanitary process industries. Like a normal pigging system they can be used to push product out of pipes and recover up to 99%. They can also be used as a plug to prevent product from contacting air when beginning the process. Fully or semi-automated and manual systems are available, and custom systems can be created.

VARICOVER® System Features:

  • Reduced product waste
  • Reduced process downtime
  • Reduced effluent use
  • Reduced cleaning media use
  • Increased process production

Download the VARICOVER® Product Recovery System Brochure (pdf)

GEA VARICOVER® Product Recovery Systems

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