FLUX Pumps: “We don’t think about it – we just use it.”

Posted on by Sara Springer

FLUX Pumps Old F424Accu-Tube Corporation is located in Englewood, CO and was founded by Harold H. Lee in April of 1973. Accu-Tube Corp. manufactures quality standard and custom size stainless steel tubing for the medical industry.

The fabrication process includes welding, drawing, straightening, cutting, de-burring, cleaning, bending, coiling, end-forming, beading, flaring and swaging.

“Our tubing is ideal for end forming, flaring, flanging, swaging and spinning. Our standard and custom size stainless steel tubing sizes from small diameter hypodermic medical tubing .009″ OD to .375″OD.”

Glen Brach, manufacturing engineering manager needed a safe way for his employees to handle and transfer Nitric Acid to an open top tank in order to passivate their stainless steel tubes. Upon completion of his research, Glen purchased his first FLUX F424 Stainless Steel drum pump with 120 volt electric motor on September 9, 1993.

Over the past 24 years the FLUX F424 pump has pumped Nitric Acid, Citric Acid and Degreasing Solvents without a mechanical or electrical failure or a repair. When asked about the durability of the FLUX pump, Glen commented “We don’t think about it –we just use it”. “We also loan this pump to a neighboring company so they can pump their waste oil to heat their building in the winter months.”