EXTREME-VS PTFE Coated Valve Stems

Posted on by Sara Springer

Long-Lasting PTFE Coated Valve Stems to Replace Buna, EPDM, and FKM for Maximum Durability

Buna, EPDM, and FKM valve stems are good for some applications, but for the most challenging applications, they just don’t cut it. They need to be constantly monitored and frequently replaced.

The new Extreme-VS stems solve this problem with solid PTFE sealing surfaces. This is not PTFE bonded to another elastomer. They are stainless steel with PTFE, and that’s it. This composition ensures lasting durability that cannot be found in other types.

In all applications, they are outlasting the standard stems, in some cases by 3-4 times the life span.

See the images below for a side by side comparisons of EXTREME-VS PTFE vs other stems.


EXTREME VS Valve Stem Used on Eggs

Egg Processing Application bother stems after 90 days of service.

Extreme vs old used
Another set of stems that were in use the same amount of time.