FLUX Pumps Robust 50mm Tube Construction

Posted on by Sara Springer

41MM vs 50MMPlastic pump tubes break all the time. Operators drop them into barrels, store them improperly, kicked around or even run over by forklifts. FLUX offers most of its four series pumps in a 50MM diameter version. Not only do these tubes offer increased flow rates, perhaps, more importantly, but they also offer operators a significantly more rugged solution. See the included image for a quick visual comparison.

FLUX makes reliable, easy-to-clean drum pumps for most applications. They have proven themselves with everything from high viscosity to highly corrosive fluids and everything in between.

Do you have drum pumps that are being repaired constantly, tubes being crushed accidentally or damaged through regular use? Find out all the advantages in quality of construction that reduce the need for repairs that FLUX offers.