Drillers Mud / G Series Pumps: Get the Most Out of Your Process with a Sandpiper Pump!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Pump Sizes 1/2″ to 3″ Built For Your Application!G Series Pumps

Discover the Sandpiper Advantage of AODD pumps designed specifically for the Oil and Gas industry.  Both the G Series and Driller Mud Pumps can be air or gas powered.  Additionally, these pumps were engineer with specific safety measures to address the needs of the mining industry.

Features of G Series & Drillers Mud Pumps:

  • CSA certifications
  • Fully groundable
  • High flow capacity & max pressure
  • Flap check valve – hinge pads help deliver superior suction life and flow rates

Typical Applications:

  • Compressor Station
  • Pre-lube & Liquid Transfer
  • Potentially Explosive Environments
  • Hot Glycol Transfer
  • Offshore Oil Platforms
  • Service Rigs
  • Bulk Transfer
  • more

Download Sandpiper’s G Series Pump Brochure

Download Sandpiper’s Oil and Gas Industry Brochure