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Got Dairy? Improve Your Process with INOXPA

Posted on by Andrew Springer

Milk, cheese, yogurt…the joy of dairy products at a meal is undeniable.  However, the intricate process of getting these items from cow to table is challenging, until INOXPA® found a complete solution.  From beginning to end, INOXPA® can take milk and create a complete system to meet your dairy processing needs. So, what can they offer you?   Mixing equipment […]

Squeeze Out Savings: Assmann Non-Pressure Piston Bins

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

The Assmann 400 Gallon Polyethylene Non-Pressure Piston Bin Offers: Up to 500,000 Centipose Viscous Product Handling Waste & Contamination Elimination Patented Piston System,  Air/Moisture Protection,  Durability and More Consider these Assmann poly bins to provide great solutions for decreasing labor costs,  maintenance and product returns while protecting product integrity and increasing efficiency. They also have a […]

New 2013 Products from Banjo for Liquid Handling Needs

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Banjo Corp. manufactures liquid handling products for a wide range of applications. Made from glass reinforced polypropylene and stainless steel, these products are made to perform. Valves, dry disconnects, manifold systems and pumps are a few of the products available from Banjo.