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New! is Live!

Posted on by Andrew Springer

Springer Pumps is proud to announce the launch of our new Replacement Parts site,!  The entire team at Springer Pumps as well as many others collaborating for months, thanks to everyone for all for their hard work! A special shout out to the staff at    ECreative Works, we couldn’t have made it happen […]

Replacement Pumps for Concrete Truck Chute Washout

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Concrete truck chute washout is mandatory and good practice. Most concrete trucks have a pump on board to wash out the chute after a pour. This is typically a Wilden 1.5 inch Diaphragm Pump. The EPA requires that the chutes and all of the runoff be collected and properly disposed of. This is detailed in […]

Hesitant to Buy Non-OEM Replacement Parts?

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

See below for a partial list of companies who aren’t hesitant about saving time and money! Springer Parts are guaranteed to meet or exceed the service life that you get from OEM parts. Made to meet or exceed OEM service life Often from the same supplier as the OEM Delivery is frequently much faster than […]

NOMAD P Series Air Valves Fit Wilden Pro-Flo® Pumps

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

You don’t need to replace your pump! We have the repair parts to fix the majority of Wilden pumps. Contact us today for more information. We supply NOMAD P Series Air Valves that fit discontinued Wilden Pro-Flo® Series pumps. N01-2030-01 (Wilden Part # 01-2030-01) N02-2030-01 (Wilden Part # 02-2030-01) N04-2030-01 (Wilden Part # 04-2030-01) Don’t know which […]

EXTREME-VS PTFE Coated Valve Stems

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Buna, EPDM, and FKM valve stems are good for some applications, but for the most challenging applications, they just don’t cut it. They need to constantly be monitored and replaced.

The new Extreme-VS stems solve this problem with solid PTFE sealing surfaces. This is not PTFE bonded to another elastomer. They are stainless steel with PTFE, and that’s it.

In all applications, they are outlasting the standard stems, in some cases by 3-4 times the life span.

Metal Detectable Replacement Pump Parts!

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Reduce the Possibility of Downtime, Product Contamination and Product Recalls A common problem with moving pump parts is excessive wear and tear. When rubber breaks off from a valve stem, rotor or gasket, it will migrate through your system and end up hidden in your final product. Locating lost rubber parts can be an expensive, […]

Springer Type 06X – Direct Replacement for Flygt® Push-Fit Seals

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Direct Replacement for Flygt® Push-Fit Seals: The Springer Type 06X is an improved-design replacement for the Flygt® “Push-Fit” Mechanical Seal type, utilised in many of their most popular recent pump models – all available from stock. It is a must-stock for any repair shop working with Submersible Pumps. View: FLYGT® PUMP CROSS REFERENCE TABLE Designed […]

600 PSI Sanitary Discharge Hose from Springer Pumps

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Springer high pressure sanitary hoses, available in a variety of diameters and lengths. are the perfect complement to your Springer system. Springer sanitary hoses and accessories meet all regulatory requirements (3A, USDA, FDA) for material handling, cleanability and operator safety. Complying with CIP, COP and SIP sanitizing procedures, hoses can be safely cleaned with steam to 300°F at 60 psi for 20 minutes; maximum continuous temperature 180°F.

Pumper Parts to be Discontinued

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

With the coming of 2017 Sandpiper is discontinuing their Pumper Parts line of OEM quality AODD replacement parts. Many of these parts will still be available at the same pricing through Nomad and Springer Parts. Our site will have all of the available parts listed and our customer service team is ready to help you find the right parts.