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Product Change Notification SET & ET Product Line Planned Obsolescence

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Product Change Notification: SET & ET Product Line Planned Obsolescence Change Overview: The SET & ET Product Lines will be discontinued effective immediately as part of its’ planned obsolescence and the streamlining of the Containment Duty portfolio. Pumps & Parts Affected: All pump models beginning with ET1, ET1-1/2, ET2, ET3, SET1 & SET2 All parts and […]

Watson-Marlow Discontinuation of Varmeca CC drives

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Products covered All Watson-Marlow close-coupled pumps with Leroy Somer Varmeca invertors. All 521VI, 621VI and 701VI products. Background The supplier of our existing variable speed close-coupled pumps with integrated inverters is discontinuing the Varmeca inverter. These standard products will now […]

AMT Pump Company Discontinuing Models in 2020

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

          Please be advised that as of 1/27/2020 the following pump model series will no longer be assembled and manufactured by AMT due to new DOE regulations going into effect on January 27th, 2020. 489/490 Series High Head Straight Centrifugal Pumps (except for 4893, 489C, 489D Models) 553 Series High Head […]