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Be a Pro Agitator with UET Mixers

Posted on by Sara Springer

With over 30 years experience, there’s a reason we carry UET Mixers and Agitators, their products are consistently exceptional and apply to both common and custom applications. These Mixers and agitators are made domestically in the great state of Maine in an employee owned business. Big jobs, little jobs, simple processes or complex ones, UET […]

Well Mixed: GRACO’s Pneumatic Rotary Vane Agitators

Posted on by Sara Springer

If your project requires consistent, properly mixed materials that can be affected by shear, foaming, or compressed air consumption, GRACO® has an Agitator for your specific application. Not sure what kind of agitator you need? Graco offers multiple options and accessories to get your process operating at optimal levels. Check out the many options and […]