Well-Greased: Hidrostal’s Automatic Greasers

Posted on by Sara Springer

Have you ever had the joy of manually greasing your pump? It is safe to say it is not always a fun, clean, or fast process. Your aggravation is now a thing of the past thanks to Hidrostal’s new automatic greasers. 

With an automatic greaser by Hidrostal®, your business will save on maintenance costs as well as downtime. Each unit is filled with Staburags NBU 8 EP grease which is factory recommended.  

Hidrostal estimates you will get an ENTIRE YEAR of use from just one automatic greaser. Their calculations are based on a 12-month cycle with pumps operating for 12 hours a day. Now that’s a lot of grease. If your pump is running for longer periods of time up to 6,500+ hours, Hidrostal recommends consulting an expert before purchasing one of their automatic greasers.  

Overall, this automatic greaser by Hidrostal is ideal for those seeking minimal maintenance, hassle-free process.  

For more information about Hidrostal’s automatic greasers or any of their other quality products, contact Springer Pumps. 

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