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SANDPIPER Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps Solve Common Sump Issues

Posted on by Sara Springer

Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps Use Gravity and Line Sized Fluid Paths to Prevent Clogs

HDF1 Heavy Duty Flap Valve PumpSANDPIPER Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps offer many advantages over other pumps typically used for sump applications. Standard AODD pumps use restrictive ball valves, and neither them nor “non-clog” centrifugal pumps can pass line sized solids. Most sump pumps pass the fluids up through the pump chamber, against gravity which requires more force to pass large heavy solids. Another disadvantage of standard AODD pumps is the thin castings, solids gouge out the bends in manifolds and the fluid chambers.

HD Flap Valve pumps have linesize fluid paths which means a 2″ model can pump 2″ sized solids! The fluids travel from the top of the pump to the bottom, allowing gravity to assist in moving large, heavy solids through the pump chamber. This allows line sized solids to pass through, and pass through more easily. They also feature extra thick castings and come in aluminum, cast iron and polypropylene. Their castings are so thick that there are original SANDPIPER pumps in abrasive slurry applications still using the original manifolds.

The time tested design of SANDPIPER Heavy Duty Flap Valve pumps is durable, reliable and easy to operate. Learn more by CONTACTING us or visiting our SITE today.


Warren Rupp Sandpiper Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps



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Features of the Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pump Line:

  • Available in 1″ to 4″ sizes (4″ pumps pass 3″ solids)
  • Aluminum, Cast Iron or Polypropylene Construction
  • Thick Walled Castings for Longer Life
  • Gravity Assisted Fluid Path
  • Time Tested Design