NEW! Advance 4000 Recirculating Pump | Centrifugal Pump

Posted on by Sara Springer

Efficient, adaptable, and achieving over 200 GPM and a max of 35 PSI, the Advance 4000 is impressive.

Advance 4000-MS

Applications typically demanding larger pumps can be handled with the Advance 4000 because of its outstanding operating limits.   This pump is ideal for use in various water and waste water transfer applications, spray systems, fountains, plating chemical transfer,  fume scrubbers, recirculation, pollution control equipment, etc.  It is corrosion resistant; download brochure for details.

Features and Benefits:

  • closed couple
  • end suction, centrifugal pump
  • suitable for medium flows to 200GPMAdvance 4000 Mounted
  • higher heads up to 80′ TDH
  • non-metallic contact
  • mounts directly to NEMA 56j motors
  • available in explosion proof & chemical duty configurations
  • can be paired with a 56J motor or mounted bearing pedestal

Download Advance 4000 Brochure (pdf)