Hidrostal F-Type Pumps for Gentle Handling Applications

Posted on by Sara Springer

F-Type Pumps Move Whole Fruits and Vegetables Gently, without Damage

Hidrostal F-type Pump Shrouded Impeller

A Typical F-type Impeller

F-type pumps utilize a shrouded, single spiral vane impeller that is axially extended for smooth transition of the material. Because of this, produce flows through the pump and takes a long slow turn and makes a gentle change from axial to radial direction. This is contrary to normal centrifugal pumps.

Benefits of F-Type Pumps:

  • Gentle, clean transfer of solids
  • Enclosed, clean alternative to conveyors, elevators and containers
  • Easier to maintain than belts or conveyors
  • Ideal for transfering the raw product, and the circulation and removal of wash water

The F-type pump is the world’s first patented, original fish friendly pump design from the 1960’s. The Hidrostal pump was invented by the company founder, Martin Stahle, to transfer fresh fish with minimal damage, therefore guaranteeing the quality and appearance of the fish for market. From its successful origins in pumping fish, Hidrostal has diversified to a wider variety of applications that also benefit from the pumps delicate handling properties.

F-type Pumps have successfully pumped the following foods:Hydrostal Cutaway Drawing

• Peas • Onions • Runner Beans • Rice • Pasta • Diced Vegetables • Potatoes • French Fries • Haricot Beans • Bean Sprouts • Shredded Cabbage • Small Trout • Oranges & Lemons • Carrots • Rag Worms • Peppers & Pulses • Salmon & Smolt • Eels & Fish • Many more…