Eliminate Yeast Handling Challenges in Your Brewing Process with Certa 200 Series Sine Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Choosing the right pump for your brewing process is critical to the success of your end product. You must select a piece of equipment that is powerful enough to control the yeast from start to finish but sophisticated enough not to ruin your beer during manufacturing. The answer: Certa 200 Series Sine Pumps.

The Certa 200 Series Sine Pump can replace rotary lobe pumps often used in beer production. They are excellent at eliminating gassing issues and boosting pump efficiency.

Do you want to recover your yeast once your fermentation process is complete? Certa Sine Pumps are robust, quickly sucking compacted yeast from the bottom of tanks for reuse while providing a virtually pulse-free operation. This smooth pumping action prevents the yeast from remixing with the beer, maintaining clarity to quickly identify when the yeast has been removed and preventing product waste.

This pump is low shearing, preventing low-quality beer and high yeast consumption.

Eliminate Gas Locking with the high suction capabilities and high flow rate of Certa 200 Series Sine Pumps.

Another added advantage is the ease of cleaning these pumps thanks to their simple construction. Users also experienced CIP cycles and water/cleaning agents.

Additional features of Certa’s 200 Series Sine Pumps:


  • EHEDG Type EL – Class I
  • Now with EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I
  • All contact parts FDA and EG1935 compliant


  • Smooth product flow, no need for ancillary dampeners
  • Up to 255,000 L/h, 8 million cP, and 15 bar


  • Prevents aeration foaming
  • Virtually eliminates waste of raw ingredients


  • Reduced CIP cycle and reduced cleaning agents
  • Significantly reduced electricity consumption, reduced carbon footprint


  • Up to 50 % less power consumption than lobe or circumferential pumps
  • Higher energy efficiency at higher viscosities


  • Gentle product handling preserves the high quality of the product – superior viscous handling
  • EHEDG Type EL Class I – now also with EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I
  • Impressive suction capability: -12.3 psi (atm)
  • Low shear and virtually no pulsation
  • Outstanding energy-efficient pumping principle – up to 50 % less power than other pumps
  • Only one shaft and one seal system – different port orientations available
  • Bi-directional running
  • Two-year warranty

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